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Speecharella looks at pragmatics therapy for the internet. It’s Required Reading June 13, 2014

Speecharella’s now on an abbreviated work week for summer services, so she’s been able to spend some time studying interventions for online participants who demonstrate deficits or delays I’m the area of online pragmatics- that is the use of language in social contexts.

Here, at Big Questions Online,  is a post from last summer about online civility.  This includes some good suggestions for moderators who want to make sure their comment feeds don’t become kill-or-be-killed grazing zones.

Here, Jessica Williams @ Mac’s List wrote about the way digital manners impact an online persona.  This is the only kind of karma I believe in.

Here, Elizabeth at the Daily Post wrote on commenting etiquette. I think etiquette is like personality- we all have  it, but how we show it may make it hard for people to be around us.

Here, at Edutopia is an excellent list of resources concerning digital citizenship.

Here‘s a video about how a good moderator can help potential opponents become good partners to grow up with.

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Speecharella is a speech pathologist at a small public school district in a one of those states that is suspicious of teachers and other people with an unnatural fondness for taking courses and such.

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