Required Readings

Dress codes, academic journal pricing, family and academia, Hobby Lobby, and more: Required Readings, 6.17.14

Dress codes, their use, and their abuse have been in the news quite frequently in the U.S. lately. This NPR article rounds up the required readings on news reports related to the topic, while one writer with a preteen daughter offers her opinion on the hoopla.

From the Institute for the Research of the Obvious, we learn “top universities are paying too much for scores of academic journals provided by major publishing companies.” We here at School of Doubt are shocked, shocked I tell you.

Many universities have “family-friendly” policies in place to help faculty balance their home and work lives. But are professors afraid to use them?

Required Readings has previously discussed the biblical curriculum developed by the family behind Hobby Lobby and deployed in public schools. Politico goes into more detail about the Greens’ ultimate goal: to bring biblical literalism to public schools.

Kvetching about students: unbecoming and counterproductive or avenue for problem solving?

Andragogy vs. pedagogy: Does it matter?

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