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Balanced literacy, creation museum field trip, and social media data: Required Readings, 7.1.14

Happy First of July, SoD readers!

Filed under “All that is old is new again,” the head of New York City’s public school system is promoting a shift back toward balanced literacy instruction. This educational approach is based on the idea that children are natural readers and writers and that teachers need only to create the conditions for learning. Meanwhile, a newly published study shows that enjoyment of reading is a consistent predictor of student success across cultures

Why you should always research your destination before scheduling a field trip: An Ohio school recently visited the Akron Fossil and Science Center, which is actually dedicated to the promotion of creationism. The school district is blaming a new teacher reeled in by the site’s name.

Uproar over researchers’ study of “emotional contagion” has flooded the Web over the past week. The backlash has raised questions about the relationship between academics and corporations as well as the future availability of internal corporate data to researchers.

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