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Assessments. The final frontier (of a grade.) They come in many flavors but the most popular among them are homework, inclass activities, exams, and the quiz. Teachers and students know all these well but the most hated of these is the variant of quiz known as the pop quiz.

I do not give pop quizzes. Maybe I should they are an excellent way to determine who was paying attention during class and who was not. However, they also cause undo stress upon the students. So, instead I give a weird version of a quiz where I let the students quietly answer their questions without notes or a book and then after a certain amount of time I let them confer with their neighbor. Still no notes or book but I think it helps them to discuss their answers with each other. I am sure many of you probably think this is a bad way to do this because then eventually the students who are lazy will just wait til the discussion time to get their answer. It is okay. They are still learning the material it really isn’t a quiz.

I hate pop quizzes as a student and as a teacher. What do you think? Are pop quizzes beneficial? Is there any assessment that you find really beneficial that is sorta like a quiz? Discuss among yourselves I need a coffee.

The Pop Quiz is a question posed to you, the Scholars of Doubt. Look for it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the afternoon (ET)

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