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Children and Technology; New Qualifications; Air Force Cadets in Trouble; Steiner Schools: It’s Required Readings!

Happy Thursday! It’s time for another set of Required Readings – just the thing to help you through those long, boring summer holidays.



The British Communications Watchdog announces the somewhat predictable results of a study into how levels of digital device proficiency compare between children and adults.
The first of Scotland’s new school qualifications are awarded after the fraught and controversial introduction of a new nationwide curriculum.
The US Air Force Academy has instigated an investigation into the behaviour of some of its cadet athletes after a high number of sexual assault accusations.
A major news investigation into private Steiner Waldorf schools raises questions of institutional racism and questionable teaching methods. Surprise, surprise.


Required Readings are a list of links that you might find interesting! Look for them to appear every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Have some links you’d like to share? Submit them on our contact form!

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