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More Exam Results; Book List Controversies; Video Game Demographics: It’s Required Readings!

Welcome to today’s Required Readings! I hope your Thursday as been moderately acceptable so far.


Another set of national exam results were issued in England today. This time it was the GCSE results, meaning that the vast majority of English 15-16 years olds were involved. As always, the BBC was on hand to watch some carefully selected pupils open their envelopes live on TV. Apparently the hot new form of entertainment involves watching the light of a lifetime’s hopes and dreams fade from someone’s eyes in real time.


Here’s an editorial piece about something that might feel familiar for anyone who’s experienced the joy of taking out a second mortgage because of a college course book list. Should college professors include their own books on their class reading lists?


Finally, moving away from education, here’s an interesting report about who now makes up the largest video-game-playing demographic in the USA.


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