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School shooting fiction, librarians leaving, STEM education, universal pre-K, and more: Required Readings, 9.2.14

A Maryland teacher has been placed on leave and “taken in for an emergency medical evaluation” for a book he wrote prior to his hiring about a school shooting…900 years in the future. I wonder what these folks would have thought about the stories Stephen King published while still working as an English teacher in Maine.

Chicago school libraries are losing professional librarians in droves as they are moved to classroom teaching, leaving the libraries to be staffed by parents and volunteers.

The director of a Seventh Day Adventist alternative school in West Virginia is facing felony charges of child neglect resulting in injury. The accusations facing the Miracle Meadows School—which seeks parents with children who are being dishonest or defiant or experiencing “spiritual disinterest”—include stripping, handcuffing, and locking students accused of “sexual misconduct” in a quarantine room; choking and handcuffing students; failing to report sexual incidents; and obstructing the removal of students from the school following its closure.

U.S. policymakers continue to promote STEM education as an avenue for closing achievement gaps and spurring innovation.

Speaking of closing achievement gaps, New York City is rolling out universal full-day pre-kindergarten programs in the city’s public schools.

And finally, the Durham (North Carolina) Public Schools will be ending its relationship with Teach for America after the 2015-16 school year.

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