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Pop Quiz: Amenities

At the women’s college where I work, we have a gym, but it’s about a quarter to half the size of the gyms I had used at any other school I’ve worked at or gone to.  The hours are also extremely limited.  Part of that is the college is mostly a commuter campus, but considering we do have sports teams I’ve always wondered why the gym isn’t bigger.  We do have a nice library with a large area dedicated to computers and another area for group study.  There’s also a tutoring area and a testing area.  The lunch rooms are pretty nice.  There are several different places to get ready made food too.  The menu options are pretty healthy and still has enough variety to keep most people happy.  The bookstore is small but has most of the things you’d expect.

This list is pretty generic, but it makes me think of the things a campus *has* to have, like classroom spaces, enough seats for the students (!), etc.  Then there are the things that are really useful but technically not required, like the tutoring spaces and food areas.  And then there are the extras, like a gym and lounges, etc. I like being able to use the gym, but most people end up going elsewhere for more equipment and hours.  Having multiple food areas is convenient but not strictly necessary.

Here’s my question to you: what do you think a campus must have?  What perks are nice but unnecessary?

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