Pop Quiz: Infection!

So I’m currently waiting for the cold medication to kick in, breathing through my mouth and needed to sneeze enough I’m worried about what’s coming out!  I’m currently delighted I invested in the Kleenex three-pack of tissue boxes last time I bought them, about four months ago.

I have two classes and a long meeting tomorrow, none of which I’m looking forward to.  It came to mind though that we professors and teachers really can’t take days off as easily as in other professions.  I have only so many class days and no one can cover for me.

So pardon my brevity, but what would it take to make you stay at home?


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Apostrophobia is a college professor at a women's college in the US. She teaches biology, does pedagogical research on her guinea pigs (aka students), and has an existential fear of misplaced apostrophes.

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  1. September 17, 2014 at 8:55 am —

    In order for me to miss a day I have to be running a fever and some (insert bodily function here) makes it impossible to stay out of the bathroom. You are right though. A lot of people do not understand that as a teacher just taking a sick day is a difficult thing to do. I don’t get paid after my first sick day and it makes the class all behind so I would rather just go in with the cold and stay away from everyone.

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