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Retirement, critical thinking education, school holidays, fair use, and more: Required Readings, 11.16.14

I’m going to set this Required Reading down gently and then back away quickly: Should tenured faculty retire earlier than they are now?

Educators interested in teaching critical thinking, reason, philosophy, ethics, and so on (which should really be all of us) may want to check out this developing project from the creator of the web site: the School of Thought International.

Making the rounds of social media this week has been this letter from an educator to parents, “about THAT kid (the one who hits, disrupts, and influences YOUR kid.”

In an attempt to quell probably conflict over whose religious holidays are observed at a system level, the Montgomery County (Maryland) Board of Education voted this week to eliminate references to all religious holidays on the published calendar. Practically speaking, “Montgomery schools will still be closed for the Christian and Jewish holidays, as in previous years, and students will still get the same days off, as planned.” The decision followed a request from the county’s Muslim community to make Eid al-Adha a school holiday. Not surprisingly, the backlash has been vociferous, both locally and nationally. (This article provides a good run-down of what various opponents are saying.)

Of interest to many of you will be the latest developments in the lawsuit against Georgia State University for copyright violations and abuses of fair use, regarding the scanning of book excerpts for academic purposes.

For music educators: a to-do over the Suzuki method that includes accusations of fraud.

In a follow-up from last week, the former mayor of a Mexican city where 43 students disappeared months ago has been charged for his role in their deaths. Meanwhile, protests continue.

And we end with an Idaho teacher who broke the neck of a rabbit and then skinned it for his 10th grade biology class. His reasoning was that some of his students requested the lesson in meat processing.

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