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Preschool lessons, Bible studies, teacher training, book banning, and time tracking: Required Readings, 11.30.14

I hope all of the U.S. School of Doubters had a lovely Thanksgiving break. May you all slide through the end of the semester like a hot knife through butter. But first, your Required Readings:

What can other schools learn from preschools? Non-academic skills and social and emotional topics, such as managing emotions, sharing, and planning for the future, according to some.

Several Required Readings over the past year have dealt with a Bible studies program financed by the family behind the Hobby Lobby chain. Well, it seems that the school district where the program was to debut has decided to shelve the project. As a news literacy exercise for yourself or your students, compare the coverage by different sources: the Washington Times, Raw Story, the Christian News Network, and the Friendly Atheist.

The U.S. Department of Education has proposed new rules for evaluating teacher-training programs based in part on job placement and retention and how much graduates’ students have learned.

The aftermath of book banning in one Texas school district.

Still unfolding in Louisiana is a tale of a congressman (and physician and faculty member), tenure, and timesheets.

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