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Education in 2015, the Jesuit brand, textbook troubles, tiny terrorists, and social media: Required Readings, 1.5.15

The end of a calendar year brings with it an abundance of compiled lists by various and sundry experts: best nonfiction, top newsmakers, scariest graphs about climate change, most successful new restaurants. As such, Required Readings doesn’t want you to miss these education stories to watch, 15 education predictions for 2015, and the best and worst education news from 2014.

If you too have been told that a Jesuit university “isn’t really Catholic,” you might be interested in this article on rebranding efforts among Jesuit institutions.

Textbook wars are not just a U.S. phenomenon, it seems. HarperCollins has been selling an atlas developed for schools in the Middle East that did not include Israel on any of the maps.

Will British teachers and daycare workers have to monitor students for behaviors that indicate a risk of becoming a terrorist? Under proposed counterterrorism measures, they might. Brits, any comments?

Finally, a combination Required Readings/Pop Quiz entry: A school district is investigating a teacher who posted a student’s assignment on social media (presumably because one of the responses comes close to a term for female genitalia). The past year, meanwhile, has seen situations such as this one in Canada and others in OklahomaFlorida, Ohio, Alabama, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. These stories, and the fact that my own institution developed a social media policy this past year, make me curious about what kind of social media guidance exists for instructors and students among School of Doubters. Does your institution have guidelines in place, or is it more word-of-mouth tips? Who out there is teaching online etiquette, at what ages, and in which courses? Do you examine job candidates’ or even student applicants’ social media presence? Please share your experiences via the comments.

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