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Anti-evolutionaries, bible school accreditation, not-so-mandatory religion classes, mindfulness, and more: Required Readings, 01.25.15

Just when you think the American anti-science forces out there have turned their attention from teaching creationism to focusing on climate change denial, they return to their favorite scientific boogeyman. January 2015 has seen proposed legislation in Indiana, MissouriMontana, and Oklahoma to allow teachers to address “scientific controversies” such as those that (in their opinion) surround the origins of life on Earth.

Accreditation is at the heart of a lawsuit recently filed in Illinois, in which state bible colleges are claiming that regulators have no business evaluating the merit of degree programs that prepare students for Christian ministry, considering it a violation of the schools’ First Amendment rights. The programs are currently allowed to offer diplomas or certificates, but not degrees, without meeting accreditation standards.

A Canadian humanist group’s new campaign is designed to remind parents and students enrolled in publicly funded Catholic high schools that they have the legal right to opt out of “mandatory” religion classes.

Former evangelical leader Frank Schaeffer describes how the Christian education and homeschooling movement was created to undermine secular America.

To help students with their social and emotional needs, some schools are incorporating mindfulness techniques and are simultaneously improving student achievement.

Aftereffects continue to ripple in the wake of the North Carolina student athletics scandal. This week two former student athletes filed a lawsuit against the university and the National Collegiate Athletic Association, alleging that they were deprived of an education. Meanwhile, the NCAA is reportedly investigating at least 20 other colleges and universities for academic fraud.

Some colleges and universities are redesigning science courses, particularly those at the introductory level, in an effort to keep more students in the sciences.

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Image: UNC Chapel Hill, Kenan Memorial Stadium

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