School of Doubt is looking for writers!

School of Doubt is looking for more writers! The gig requires a moderate time commitment and offers no pay, except for (possibly) the people’s ovation and fame forever. So, what are we looking for in a candidate?

At a minimum, applicants should be educators (whether as instructors or administrators in traditional institutions or as less formal teachers, tutors, or producers of educational materials) and be knowledgeable about skepticism and feminism. We are particularly interested in bringing on people in K-12 or who otherwise work with younger students, but all applications will be considered.


Further Qualifications

  • You should be able to write clearly and concisely
  • It helps to have a sense of humour
  • You need to be able to handle the small associated e-mail load (including our backchannel and reader comments)
  • You should be able to deal with a (very) occasional troll
  • You should be able to commit to posting a minimum of at least once every week or two. For serious.


Still interested? Great! Here’s how to apply:

Fill out our contact form (N.B. this is the SoD contact form, not Skepchick Prime) and include the following info:

  • A brief bio, including the relevant info about your experience as an educator
  • What sorts of issues you would like to write about in education or in Skepticism/Feminism/Geekery more broadly
  • A link to a writing sample, if you have one (not required).


Even you don’t fit these criteria, please help us out by sharing on social media or sending other candidates our way!

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Dan has a PhD in historical musicology and has taught music history and theory at a major Canadian university. He mainly studies music from the Italian Renaissance when he's not busy performing stand-up comedy or playing JRPGs with his cat, Roy. He occasionally tweets as @incontrariomotu and blogs about geeky stuff at The Otaku Skeptic. He is also the glorious editor-in-chief of School of Doubt.

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