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Harmful teaching in Kansas and Canada, minority homeschoolers, academic closures, and more: Required Readings, 03.01.15

Did March come in like a lamb or a lion where you are?

For the “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” file, we have Senate Bill 56, which would allow teachers to be prosecuted for presenting material deemed harmful to minors. The state senate passed the bill Wednesday.

Continuing a look at issues SoD has recently covered, “are Canadian universities fertile ground for antivaccine pseudoscience?”

Why are more African-American parents homeschooling their children?

Three academic centers in North Carolina–focusing on poverty, work, and opportunity; civic engagement and social change; and biodiversity–are being closed, and some have raised the role of partisan payback in the process.

The past week saw the first National Adjunct Walkout Day. Did your campus host any events?

Educators interested in science, politics, and critical thinking have a new tool in their arsenal: SciCheck, from the Annenberg Public Policy Center. A feature of, it focuses on “false and misleading scientific claims that are made by partisans to influence public policy.”

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