Holy Smokes, SoD turned two!

Our beloved alma mater turned a positively venerable two years old this week, so I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all our writers–past and present–for their hard work in getting us this far. Thanks also to you, our lovely and dedicated readers, for showing up to class and listening to what we have to say. There’s nothing we educators appreciate more than a good audience!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to announce a wonderful present: several new writers will be joining the staff, so we can all look forward to hearing from them some time in the near future. It’ll be just the thing to ease those mid-term woes.

Cheers, then, to you, to us, and to another wonderful year! Only two more and and that diploma’s as good as got–just be sure to make those tuition cheques payable to Headmaster Dan.

School Crest in four quadrants. Clockwise from upper left they are a Crescent moon and star, a Woman crowned in laurel, a hand grasping scroll, and a seated cat. A banner underneath reads "Magniloquium Pudorem Praestat." Text underneath reads "Schola Dubitatis."

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