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Peer review and paywall problems, STEM education, critical education, not-critical thinking, medical education

Publisher BioMed Central has retracted 43 papers because of problematic or fraudulent peer reviews. On a broader scale, how can the article submission and review processes be improved?

Journal paywalls and lip-syncing to the academic conversation.

Why America’s obsession with STEM education is dangerous (I must have missed the U.S. obsession with STEM, but then again, I live in a state that supports creationism teaching).

If you’re interested about critical theory in education, you might check out these journals: Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis and Radical Teacher.

In an example of opposite-talk not seen since No Child Left Behind, Eric Hovland gave a talk on “critical thinking” at a Georgia public school. Not surprisingly, it was really all about creationism.

What it’s like to teach evolution at the University of Kentucky.

A Mississippi college president shows the pitfalls of managing a university as well as a medical center, while privatization efforts in Louisiana threaten a state medical school.

In New Orleans, where most public schools are charters, one-third of principals interviewed for a study admitted to selecting or excluding students by counseling less desirable students to transfer to other schools, using targeted marketing, and not reporting open seats.

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