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Formulating questions, 1st grade math instruction, LSEA remains, bankrupt colleges, and more: Required Readings, 04.26.15

The Question Formulation Technique helps teachers guide students in developing and asking “the right questions” to nurture students’ curiosity and ability to think in questions.

New research analysis suggests that “teacher-directed mathematics instruction in first grade is superior to other methods for students with ‘math difficulties.'”

To follow up on an issue discussed in last week’s RR, this year’s attempt to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act has failed, despite evidence about creationist shenanigans. Be sure to watch the testimony from State Senator Guillory, who discussed the scientists who had the other scientists who believed in a round earth and heliocentricity burned at the stake. (Two years ago, Guillory invoked a helpful witch doctor he had visited in defense of LSEA.)

Meanwhile in Louisiana, state colleges and universities are preparing for exigency, the academic version of bankruptcy, in case lawmakers are unable to solve a budget crisis.

Britain’s Open University has released policy documents regarding the ethical use of student data for learning analytics.

About one-quarter of adjunct faculty in the United States are on public assistance, according to a new study from UC Berkeley.

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Image: NASA Johnson Space Center

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