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Standardized testing humor, too few good teachers, professors vs. teachers, Sweet Briar closes, Nepal, and evaluations: Required Readings, 05.17.15

As the school year winds down in many places, Required Readings too needs a little fun to get through the home stretch: Satirical news source The Onion takes on standardized testing as does HBO television host John Oliver.

More serious reflection: Are there too few teachers or just too few good ones?

A philosophy professor’s message to his freshman students, focusing on the differences between university professors and the teachers they had previously.

Sweet Briar College holds its final graduation ceremony.

A California judge ruled that abstinence-only sex ed is medically inaccurate and violates the state’s requirement for comprehensive sex ed.

The dire state of schools in Nepal following deadly earthquakes over the past month.

The usefulness of student evaluations.

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Image by Dr. Anna Bilous.

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    OMG that photo is from my PhD graduation ceremony!!! 😀

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