Required Readings

CA student vax law, HI charter school prayers, Confederate education, Elsevier boycott, @AcademicsSay, and more: Required Readings, 07.05.15

At the intersection of skepticism and education this week: California Governor Jerry Brown signed one of the nation’s strictest school vaccination laws.

Christian prayers at charter schools in Hawaii: Crossing a line?

Following the mass shooting in Charleston, SC: questions about teaching the history of the Confederacy as well as discussion of present-day battles over the Civil War, including the role of falsehoods promulgated in textbooks and by public memorials.

Dutch universities are starting a boycott of publishing giant Elsevier after contract negotiations broke down over open access policies and exponential cost increases.

If you’re on Twitter and not following @AcademicsSay, you are missing out on a fun and honest reflection of academic and research culture. Meanwhile on Twitter, a brouhaha over a professor’s not-so-sudden departure.

The number of out-of-school children and young adolescents is rising worldwide.

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