Required Readings

Endless summer, same-sex firing, textbooks optional, writing assignments, the education/health nexus, and more: Required Readings, 07.10.15

If you’ve ever wondered how the summer vacation schedule in the U.S. came to be and why it persists, you’ll want to read this new series from SoD sister site Grounded Parents.

A Pennsylvania Catholic school may be in hot water for firing a teacher in a same-sex marriage by violating a township anti-discrimination ordinance. The school would have been exempt from the law, except that it has received $270K in state monies over the past 2 years.

A new study suggests that students aren’t buying all of their “required” textbooks.

The myriad positive effects of reflective writing in the classroom.

Can dropping out of school be as dangerous to your health as smoking? Read the full article, and weigh in down in the comments section.

One educator reports his experiences being a teacher in the Deep South.

A follow-up on a story that Required Readings and School of Doubt have covered previously: a Canadian professor accused of teaching anti-vaccination theories will no longer be teaching that course.

Plus, the latest news on the No Child Left Behind rewrite.

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