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Emotion in academia, NCLB and special ed, student suicides, Georgetown quackademics, and more: Required Readings, 07.28.15

H/T to our mothership site, Skepchick, for drawing our attention to this article on why academia needs passionate, emotional women (and men).

Was improving outcomes for special education students No Child Left Behind’s one big achievement? Meanwhile, discrimination against disabled students in higher education.

Campus Suicide and the Pressure of Perfection at universities around the U.S.

Another expose of “quackademic medicine,” this time at Georgetown University.

What happens when housing prices are too high for public school teachers: In Silicon Valley, high teacher turnover and long commutes are just a few of the effects.

George Washington University has dropped its admissions test requirements for freshman applicants.

Membership in Chinese Communist Party is preferred” for positions at a New Jersey university’s China campus, run jointly with a university there.

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