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Teaching superstars, breastfeeding and the classroom, campus cops, digital rights, and more: Required Readings, 08.02.15

Let’s start the new week with a smile: Comedic duo Key & Peele imagine what teachers receiving the treatment that sports stars garner would look like.

Many new mothers in the classroom often face a choice between quitting breastfeeding to keep their jobs or quitting their jobs to continue breastfeeding.

The shooting and death of an unarmed man during a traffic stop by a University of Cincinnati police officer has drawn new attention to campus law enforcement agencies with off-campus policing duties.

On the topic of digital literacy: The iRights campaign seeks“to make the digital world a more transparent and empowering place for children and young people (under 18) by delivering a universal framework of digital rights, in order that young people are able to access digital technologies creatively, knowledgeably and fearlessly.” I’m curious: K-12 teachers, how do you (if you do) address topics such as digital safety and etiquette (e.g., “don’t use [email protected] on your college application”) with students?

A literature professor explains how she “learned to stop worrying and love the Google” in her classroom.

Following Texas’s example, Alabama’s governor recently appointed a member to the state Board of Education “who never attended public schools, publicly declared that his children never will either, and actively supported a successful effort to defeat a vote on a school tax in a divisive campaign in his home county.”

Academic libraries are increasingly offering assistance to researchers in complying with open/public access mandates.

The rise of competency-based higher education.

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