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Better sex ed, #saidnoschoolever, exceptional U.S. history, Salaita updates, and more: Required Readings, 08.09.15

Let’s begin this week’s Required Readings with an entry that doesn’t actually require reading and that you probably shouldn’t view at work. On a recent episode of Last Week Tonight, comedian John Oliver skewered the sad state of sex education in the United States—noting “There is no way we’d allow any other academic program to consistently fail to prepare students for life after school”—and tapped a number of celebrities to create a better sex ed video.

The image accompanying today’s post is part of a campaign developed by trash bag company Hefty and an ad agency in order to draw attention to the lack of resources faced by public schools and teachers: #saidnoschoolever.

The College Board has released its new framework for the Advanced Placement course in U.S. history. Among the changes, a new section on American exceptionalism.

In the latest plot twist involving the decision to rescind a job offer made to a controversial scholar, a federal court ruled that the University of Illinois broke its contractual obligations to Steven Salaita and the chancellor of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign announced her resignation. And the university announced that “might have used personal email accounts for University-related communications, and that those emails may not have been made available to those at the University responsible for responding to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.”

A Virginia religious college being sued by a female former student for not doing enough to protect her when she reported she was raped has filed a document requiring her to list her romantic and sexual partners over the past 3 years. Meanwhile, a Tennessee judge faulted the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for shifting the burden of proof of to a student to demonstrate that he was innocent of sexual misconduct.

A new study has reported a clear discrepancy “in how schools respond to bad behavior based on the racial and socioeconomic makeup of their student bodies,” with white students more likely to be medicated and students of color more likely to be disciplined or suspended. (h/t to Skepchick)

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