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Freelance academics, trigger warnings, loyalty oaths, failing schools in FL, prep school sex scandal, NLRB football ruling: Required Readings, 08.16.15

You don’t have to be tenured to engage with the public about your research: Freelance Academics as Public Intellectuals

The discourse regarding trigger warnings in higher education continues: Coddling of the American Mind and a disaster for education and mental health, or missing the point about addressing the needs of students with post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety? Or, just another salvo in the culture wars?

In one Nebraska school district, teachers and other staff are asked to sign a loyalty pledge confirming their “love and devotion to” the United States government, according to a complaint letter from the ACLU.

A Florida newspaper has published an investigation into how one school board decision transformed five average schools into the worst in the state.

The test-refusal movement in New York State is affecting officials’ ability to analyze standardized testing data, a key aspect of the state’s school accountability strategy.

A rape case is shedding light on the sexual culture at one of the U.S.’s most elite private boarding schools, which include a “Senior Salute” in which graduating boys compete to take the virginities of the most younger girls.

The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that football players at Northwestern University cannot form a union, but “skirted the issue of whether the players are employees and left open the door to other college athletes winning the right to unionize.”

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