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Digital divide, dress codes, problems as pedagogy, homeless students, and more: Required Readings, 08.30.15

Following a week in a land with few home computers (a.k.a., the town where I grew up), I thought I’d start off this week’s Required Readings with an article on the Digital Divide; specifically, Apple’s efforts to bridge it via the federal ConnectED program.

Gendered dress codes at school: discussed in the news and on our sister site Grounded Parents. But more students, male and female, are fighting back.

Also from Grounded Parents, further discussion on the issue of trigger warnings.

The growth mindset uses mistakes and struggles in the classroom as a teaching tool.

A Pennsylvania court has ruled that a Ten Commandments monument at a high school is illegal, but that the unconstitutionality is irrelevant since the plaintiff in the case has graduated, so the monument can stay.

Dr. Alice Dreger has appeared in these electronic pages before, when she blew up the Internet after live-tweeting her son’s sex ed class. Now she’s in the news after resigning her university position, claiming that her former employer does not respect academic freedom.

Homeless college students: how universities can help.

Is Britain experiencing a teacher shortage?

Some freshmen at Duke are refusing to read the book Fun Home, claiming its gay themes would compromise their Christian beliefs.

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