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Flags down at Ole Miss, social media diversity, learning software, teachers and librarians, new UNC system leader, and #icanhazpdf: Required Readings, 10.25.15

Filed under “Things I Never Thought I’d See”: student senators at the University of Mississippi (a.k.a., “Ole Miss”) voted last week to remove the state flag from campus because it incorporates the Confederate battle flag.

In an era where what you see in your search results and your Facebook feed depends on what websites you’ve visited, what the people in your network are reading, and other factors that fall under the “filter bubble,” diversity in social media should be a concern for teachers as well as students.

How adaptive learning software is replacing textbooks and changing American education.

A bit of an oldie, but still relevant: 10 things classroom teachers need to know about modern school librarians.

Margaret Spellings, former secretary of education under President George W. Bush, has been named the new head of the University of North Carolina system. What might that mean for a system that has seen plenty of controversy over the past year?

As International Open Access Week wraps up, a story about using Twitter as an act of copyright violation/civil disobedience to share academic papers that live behind paywalls.

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