Required Readings

Thanksgiving at school, humanism in the GSCEs, safe spaces, book reading cancellation, and more: Required Readings, 11.29.15

How to talk to kids about Thanksgiving, and Native Americans review children’s books about the holiday.

Non-religious worldviews such as humanism will now be included in Britain’s GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) for religious studies, per a High Court decision last week.

A Duke University alum explains how listening to students a campus town hall meeting changed his perception of the utility of “safe spaces” measures.

Wisconsin school cancelled a planned reading and discussion of a children’s book by a transgender teen following the threat of a lawsuit by the Liberty Council, which called the reading a violation of parental rights. The school’s goal in planning the reading was to support a 6-year-old student who identifies as a girl but has male anatomy.

Louisiana State Senator Ben Nevers, who sponsored the creationism-pushing Louisiana Science Education Act, has been named chief of staff by the state’s newly elected governor.

British students are using the Freedom of Information Act to investigate their universities.

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