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No-nonsense nurturing, rural schools, lying law schools, not-so-brainy games, and more: Required Readings, 01.11.16

The no-nonsense nurturing approach to classroom management: “keeping expectations high by only praising outstanding effort” or “too much emphasis on compliance, not engagement”?

The unique challenges and opportunities in America’s rural schools

A lawsuit against the Thomas Jefferson School of Law regarding false job-placement statistics will proceed, per a California judge.

What does science say about brain-based learning? Meanwhile, the company behind Lumosity, which provides online and mobile games that to enhance memory, focus, and mental flexibility, and even stave off dementia, has been fined $2 million by the Federal Trade Commission for claims that are not backed by adequate scientific research.

At a visit to an Iowa school last week, presidential candidate Ben Carson asked 5th graders to point to the worst kid in the class. They did. 

Controversy rages on as an Illinois religious college attempts to fire a professor who stated publicly that Christians and Muslims worship the same god, in violation of the school’s statement of faith. And, a broader look at such pledges of faith in higher education.

Making mental health screenings mandatory for college students.

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