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Teaching MLK, information about information, historic images, IT in higher ed, copyright restrictions in Europe: Required Readings, 01.18.16

I’m a day late with this one: Teaching MLK’s Life

The past week saw a variety of stories relevant to anyone interested in learning, critical thinking, scientific literacy, and information:

A great new resource for teachers, parents, and students of all ages (and the source of today’s featured image): New York Public Library has released more than 180K historic images into the public domain.

From Educause: the Top 10 IT issues in higher ed for 2016: divest, reinvest, and differentiate

In a view from Europe: 5 things educators cannot do because of copyright law (education exemptions vary by EU member nation)

A look at sexual violence in K-12 schools

Tweets about Israel sent a New Jersey student to the principal’s office for bullying.

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