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Drowning bunnies, free speech in British unis, LA budget woes, non-weather school closings, and skeptical parenting: Required Readings, 01.25.16

The president of a Catholic university suggested in a discussion about student retention that faculty stop thinking of freshmen as “cuddly bunnies,” noting: “You just have to drown the bunnies” by removing students more likely of dropping out, preferably before the late September date when enrollment statistics must be reported to the federal government.

Is free speech in British universities under threat?

A series on how steep budget cuts have affected public colleges and universities in Louisiana, including assistance to the students most in need.

A D.C. charter school had to close for 2 days last week because of anti-choice protests at a nearby site where Planned Parenthood clinic is building a new clinic. The school filed a lawsuit against the most aggressive protesters last month because of ongoing harassment of students, staff, and parents.

Students and teachers in Detroit public schools, meanwhile, held a sick-out last week to protest conditions there ranging from dilapidated buildings to large class sizes.

From our sister site Grounded Parents: how to encourage critical thinking skills in children.

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