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Virginity tests, out-of-state students, Big Brother U., first-gen troubles, PR and research findings, and early ed in Silicon Valley: Required Readings, 02.01.16

The good news: Sixteen young women from the eastern KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa will be receiving university scholarships. The bad news: They must undergo regular virginity “testing” in order to receive the funds.

State universities are enrolling record numbers of out-of-state students in hopes that their higher tuition will help ameliorate diminished state support.

In an update to a long-standing fitness requirement, incoming freshmen at Oral Roberts University will be required to wear a Fitbit that will track their exercise habits, sleep, and weight and then send that information to the school. And faculty in the University of California system are unhappy about a computer monitoring program deployed without their knowledge.

When first-generation college students drop out, social and cultural factors as well as internal self-doubt often play a larger role than strictly financial issues.

Following criticism over a news release that touted the benefits of a specific brand of chocolate milk among high-school athletes who had suffered concussions, the University of Maryland has convened a high-level panel to review the incident and how the university communicates research findings.

How disparities in access to early education in Silicon Valley affect at-risk children.

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