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BYU law school troubles, genetic discrimination, anti-science bill roundup, and more: Required Readings, 02.10.16

The American Bar Association is investigating Brigham Young University’s law school for its practice of expelling students who live in same-sex relationships or leave the Mormon faith.

Genetic discrimination? A California elementary school tried to transfer a boy because he carries the genetic markers for cystic fibrosis and two other students in the school had the disease (kids with CF can’t be near each other because they’re vulnerable to contagious infections).

Legislation related to science education in IdahoIowa, MississippiOklahoma, and South Dakota (died in committee).

A British teen has launched a campaign to get the government to review how schools monitor and deal with issues of female genital mutilation and child marriage.

An update to a story we first covered on January 25: The fight over a freshmen retention plan at Mount St. Mary’s University continues, with the firings of the provost (who will continue to serve as a professor) and two faculty members who were opposed to the plan.

In a related vein, ideas for helping struggling freshmen.

A report card of online learning in U.S. higher ed in 2015 reports that more than one in four students takes at least one distance education course.

Involved in some sort of health or medical education? Check out MedPix, a resource from the National Library of Medicine that includes more than 50,000 indexed and curated medical images.

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