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College cost calculator, “treasonous” activism in India, low ACT essay scores, evaluating Super Bowl ads, Texas BoE candidate, and scholarly publishing: Required Readings, 02.16.16

For parents, teachers, and anyone who knows a high school student considering a four-year institution: A college cost calculator that personalizes U.S. Department of Education data based on state and family income.

Campus activism in India is drawing a great deal of debate and activity, including charges of sedition and criminal conspiracy against the president of one university’s student union.

Controversy has erupted because of “inexplicably low scores” after the ACT introduced a revised essay-writing task in September that is being graded for the first time on the same 36-point scale as the rest of the test.

An effort to teach how “to think critically about media content” had high school students breaking down the content of Super Bowl advertising.

The not-so-educational beliefs of a current candidate for the Texas Board of Education: In addition to the usual “creationism is good” and “slavery wasn’t a problem until those Northerners made it one” screeds, she believes that President Obama financed a drug habit by working as a male prostitute.

Can and should academics change the world of scholarly publishing by no longer providing editorial and peer review services for free? In a related topic, here’s one researcher’s attempt to make “nearly every scientific paper ever published available for free to anyone, anywhere in the world.”

Late on your student loans? Watch out: A Houston man was arrested last week by the U.S. Marshals for a $1,500, 30-year-old student loan. And more federal judgments may be coming down the pike.

Male undergraduate biology students consistently ranked their male classmates as more knowledgeable about course content, even over better-performing female students. No such bias was found in female students’ rankings.

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