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Digital content, Ontario budget news, LOC nomination, concealed carry on campus, and more: Required Readings, 02.29.16

Citation, plagiarism, mashups, collaborative culture, and artificial intellectual property: Unpacking an Identity Crisis in Digital Content.

New help for lower income students in Ontario: Most college students whose family income is less than $50,000 a year will receive grants large enough to cover their whole tuition, according to budget changes announced last week.

Other information from these budget discussions: Amalgamation of public and Catholic school boards was the budget idea most frequently suggested by Ontarians.

President Obama nominated Dr. Carla Hayden as the new Librarian of Congress last week. This analysis examines potential roadblocks to her approval by Congress.

In light of a new law allowing concealed carrying of firearms on college campuses, the University of Houston faculty senate suggestions included dropping certain topics from the curriculum, switching to appointment-only office hours, and being careful when discussing sensitive subject matter. But some professors says they will not change their teaching in response.

How poor science education from kindergarten on relates to academic success more generally.

The digital divide and homework that requires Internet access: Can an FCC program help address the problem?

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