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Top Ten Ways Academia and Stand-Up Comedy are Secretly the Same Job


10. You basically have to take any paid gig you can get (beggars can’t be choosers!)

9. Unusually high rates of anxiety and depression among your peers

8. Constant pressure to write new material

7. Sometimes you take a long trip just to end up talking to an empty room

6. Audiences are frequently inattentive and sometimes drunk and disruptive

5. You have to work for free to build a reputation and “get your name out there”

4. People immediately take their gripes about you online

3. You’ll probably have to move to get your career started

2. You get to spend years toiling in poverty for a chance to “make it”

1. Statistically, you’re probably not going to “make it”

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Dan is the glorious editor-in-chief of School of Doubt. He holds a PhD in historical musicology and is now studying Higher Education at a major Canadian university. Outside the academy, Dan performs stand-up comedy when he's not busy playing JRPGs with his cat, Roy. He occasionally tweets as @incontrariomotu and blogs about geeky stuff at The Otaku Skeptic.

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