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Screening for suicide, UWisconsin woes, Wikipedia in the classroom, and correctional system education: Required Readings, 03.29.16

A security product for school computers also flags web activity that may indicate suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

Weakened faculty governance, the virtual destruction of tenure, and slashed budgets led to a $9 million effort to retain faculty researchers at the University of Wisconsin

A collection of articles on using Wikipedia as a teaching tool.

Correctional education: Inside a classroom for young offenders.

Why anatomy textbooks give short shrift to the clitoris, and why it matters to women’s health. By way of anecdata, I looked at 5 of the many print anatomy textbooks that my academic medical library has on reserve for students. Only one of them showed showed the full clitoral structure in all appearances within the book. If this is the situation with graduate-level materials, I hesitate to think about what the average high school textbook looks like.

Looking at character development does not mean schools should be graded on student grit.

Boiler-plate faculty job ads and other factors may prevent candidates with disabilities from even applying.

A debunking of Alabama’s anti-evolution disclaimer, and rejected Idaho science education standards, likely because they included climate change and evolution

h/t to the SoD mother ship, Skepchick, for some of these news items.

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