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Teacher appreciation (or not), image manipulation, overexposed football player, campus care, and follow-ups: Required Readings, 05.03.16

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Not feeling particularly appreciated today are public school teachers in Detroit, who are engaging in a sick-out for the second day. Why? They were told that the district would be unable to pay them once $48.7 million in emergency state aid runs out June 30.

Then there are those who would prefer “for their profession to be respected in a way that accepts educators as experts in their field. They want adequate funding for schools, decent pay, valid assessment, job protections and a true voice in policy making.”

Tangentially related to education: Image manipulation in scholarly publishing

While this is certainly not an exhaustive list: 7 things new college students don’t know that drive their professors crazy

Tennessee joins a growing list of states with campus-carry laws

A report from South Korea, where nearly everyone goes to college

A high school senior is facing 70 misdemeanor (indecent exposure) and 1 felony charge (furnishing harmful items to minors) for exposing his dude-bits in the team photo on a dare.

Some follow-up information about news discussed in prior Required Readings:

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