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Climate change ed, discriminating vouchers, Wikipedagogy, consent in the classroom, and more: Required Readings, 06.29.16

Two bills in Congress (one each in the Senate and the House) would authorize the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to establish a climate change education program.

Meanwhile, one senator has inserted language into an appropriations bill that would prohibit the Justice Department from enforcing key provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act at private schools that receive public funds.

More university instructors are using the creation and editing of Wikipedia pages as a pedagogical tool

One Virginia county is adding lessons on sexual consent and more thorough discussion on sexual assault to its family life education program for high school students.

In a 4-3 decision last week, SCOTUS upheld the use of race-conscious admissions at the University of Texas at Austin. Here are three key takeaways from that ruling.

From the Texas Supreme Court came a decision in favor of a homeschooling family accused of “not teaching its children anything while waiting to be ‘raptured'” but which failed to answer larger constitutional questions about whether homeschooled students must be properly educated.

Using hip-hop texts, such as music videos, songs, and films, to teach media literacy and critical thinking

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