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Debunker Club, Brexit, an online paradox, AL boot camp school, primo preschools, y mas: Required Readings, 07.05.16

Join the Debunker Club by suggesting source material about the intersection of neuroscience and learning: peer-reviewed articles, real-world case studies, online videos, blog posts, or your own well-reasoned opinion.

A view of Brexit from academia, from PHD (Piled Higher and Deeper) Comics. Those interested in further implications of Brexit for science should check out the #BrexitScience hashtag on Twitter.

Community-college students who take at least one online course are as much as 25% more likely to earn a degree than those who study only in physical classrooms, according to researchers.

Alabama’s “worst religious private school”: Child abuse at a Christian boot-camp academy.

What a good preschool looks like

From the opinion pages: meeting the needs of college students who are also parents, and how internships (or the lack thereof) influence a student’s future

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