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Transgender students, serious academics, USMLE Step 2, integrative learning, and more: Required Readings, 08.08.16

The “good Pope” believes that schools are teaching children that they can choose their gender. ‘The pope blamed what he called “ideological colonising” backed by “very influential countries,” which he did not identify.’ Seriously, a Pope is complaining about ideological colonization via schools? Has the man ever picked up a book about the history of his own faith?

In a related topic, last week the Supreme Court  temporarily blocked a court order that had allowed a transgender boy to use the boys’ bathroom in a Gloucester County, Virginia, high school.

A young PhD student wants you to know that he’s a serious academic, not an Instagrammer, and a response on why a little enthusiasm isn’t a bad thing.

Medical students nationwide are  joining a campaign to eliminate the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination Step 2, a $1,300 test given in only 5 cities in the nation that measures bedside manner and real-world problem-solving. Instead, students are asking for an alternative exam that medical schools could administer for free, as many med schools already include clinical skills testing within the curricula.

The NAACP has approved a resolution asking for a moratorium on the expansion of privately managed charter schools.

Changing approaches to pedagogy in Chinese schools, with a goal of producing “future generations of Chinese young people who are curious, self-motivated and independent critical thinkers.”

Integrative learning in general education courses helps students develop the ability to think broadly and connect ideas across disciplines and to the outside world.

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