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De-escalation tips, teacher salaries, library anxiety, SCOTUS audio, race in the classroom, and student retention: Required Readings, 08.17.16

Useful info for anyone who in contact with children: 20 tips to help de-escalate interactions with defiant or anxious students

How gender bias affects teacher salaries (and those of other pink-collar professions) H/t to the Skepchick mothership. Also, half of preschool teachers require federal aid to make ends meet, and 2015 weekly wages of U.S. public school teachers were 17% lower than comparable college-educated professionals.

Library anxiety: It’s a thing, and some academic librarians are trying to do something about it

From the BBC’s Witness podcast, an interview with Ellery Schempp, who changed U.S. law by taking his school to court for violating the First Amendment by forcing him to read the Bible at the start of every school day

This podcast introduced me to Oyez, a free multimedia archive that includes all of the U.S. Supreme Court’s audio recordings since the installation of a recording system in October 1955. Why not add a little audio to your history class today?

Teachers talk about race, power, and perspective

Scientific secrets for keeping kids in college

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  1. August 19, 2016 at 12:21 pm —

    The NPRed article on race and conversations in the classroom is DEFINITELY a must-read!

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