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Bye Bye, Billboard.

I love my job. I really do. I’d been waiting for a job at this prestigious suburban school since I first began my teaching career. My old job, where I toiled for eight years, wasn’t really satisfactory in many different ways. The department – and, to be honest, all of …

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RR: March 5, 2013

Here’s your Required Readings for Tuesday, March 5, 2013! Just in case you haven’t heard about the latest crapstorm in anthropology concerning Napoleon Chagnon, Jonathan Marks has a couple of rundowns here and here. How messed up is federal financial aid? How can it be fixed? US Education Secretary backpedals previous …

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Teaching critically with Wikipedia

An important element of teaching critical thinking to students is distinguishing reliable sources of information from less reliable ones. In educational settings at all levels, from K-12 to higher education, a common bugaboo is Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that is editable by nearly everyone. Claims are often made by teachers …

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Pop Quiz: Who should be footing the bill for higher ed?

Hi everyone! I’m very pleased to be joining the network as a writer after many years of reading and commenting (where you may have known me as delictuscoeli). As you might notice in my bio down below (aside from my awesome cat), I live and teach in Canada, so I …

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Lesson Plans: Using Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” To Teach Logical Fallacies

Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery” must stand as one of the most anthologized works in literature textbook history. Here, from the vantage point of my professorial desk, I can lay eyes on at least four volumes that feature it. What’s so great about “The Lottery?” For one, the story …

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Required Readings

Fighting Creeping Creationism — Full episode of Bill Moyers interviewing 19-year-old anti-creationism activist Zack Kopplin and historian Susan Jacoby. Also, Zack Kopplin’s Interactive Map of Voucher Schools Teaching Creationism in the U.S. — When “school choice” means choosing baloney…and funding it with tax dollars. The Free Technology for Teachers blog — a resource for teachers …

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The One Where I Might Be Harshing Free Speech

Hello, School of Doubt! I’m very happy to participate in this project. I’m a tenured associate professor of English at a baccalaureate liberal arts college. My Ph.D. specialization area was British Romantics, but everyone is a generalist where I work because the school is very small, meaning I can teach anything …

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Teaching the Social Construction of Sex

Why do some women find it a turn on when men “take control” in the bedroom, pushing her down and performing aggressive sex acts? Choking a woman not a biologically-based sexual gratification. I also suspect that penetration to the point of soreness or tearing is not a biologically-based source of …

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Pop Quiz: Reptilians Faked the Moon Landing to Cover Up JFK

Over the years that I’ve worked in high school education, I’ve learned many wonderful things from my students. I’ve seen young people suffer horrendous personal tragedies while still remaining focused on their school work. I’ve heard the most incredible life stories from the people I least expected to. I’ve seen …

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School of Doubt is in Session!

Hello and welcome to School of Doubt, the newest sister site in the Skepchick network! I’m Alasdair and I’m the site’s admin. It’s my pleasure to welcome you and to explain a little about what’s going to be happening here. School of Doubt is dedicated to the discussion of skepticism …