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Pop Quiz: Repeating a Grade

When I was going through school there were a few students who were left back and had to repeat a grade.  This practice has gone out of favor in the school district where I teach.  This of course causes a lot of grumbling around the teacher’s lounge.  The problem as …

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Pop Quiz: Language of Education

Yesterday I took part in a professional development that was on blended learning a.k.a. hybrid learning a.k.a. technology-mediated instruction a.k.a. web-enhanced instruction a.k.a. mix-mode instruction.  This is a teaching model that combines aspects of online learning and traditional classroom learning, and there is a lot for me to unpack from …

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Google Classroom

Did you hear it? That bang crash, record needle screech, the collective “what the hell?” that came from the makers of online learning platforms.  People from blackboard, moodle, edmodo and all the rest must have woken up this morning thinking what a lovely spring day only to open up their …

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Pop Quiz: Constructing Criticism

I am currently taking an online class on photographic composition.  Photography is not my field, it is my hobby.  It is something that I do for fun, but it is something that I’d like to do well.  Since I want to do it well I read through the lessons and …

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Teaching Science with Science Fiction – Weight vs. Mass

The Truth about Pyecraft by H.G. Wells – the difference between Weight and Mass This post is jam packed with story spoilers so if you would like to first read the story spoiler free here are two links to Google books versions; one from The Strand and the other from …

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Pop Quiz: What happens when you assume?

I live in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. where our weather is dominated by four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter and spring has properly sprung.  It is a time when thoughts naturally go to the earth and the health of our planet, and so for me it is not surprising that …

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Pop Quiz: Books on Tape = Cheating?

Recently I was sitting in a meeting about a student, who we’ll call Kevin.  In this meeting were Kevin’s parents, the guidance counselor, his case manager, myself and the other teachers who teach him.  Kevin is undergoing a period of work avoidance, which is a relatively common problem.   As we …

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Pop Quiz: Doodling Dongs

Throughout my training to become a teacher there was one area that was woefully neglected.  It is something that I have to deal with on a weekly basis in one form or another.  I am talking about the epidemic of drawing penises all over my classroom. Go ahead laugh, it …

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Pop Quiz: Autism Speaks

Around my school over the past week posters that contain jigsaw puzzle pieces have gone up on the walls.  My favorite one is a tree and the puzzle pieces are the leaves.  The words on it say that April is Autism awareness month and today April 2nd is World Autism …

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A Demonstration of Newton’s Third Law

Background Newton’s Third Law states that for every action force there is an equal and opposite reaction force.  In other words when I walk and I push on the floor with 650 N of force (~145 lbs) the floor pushes back on me with the same 650 N of force.  …