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Syllabus Adjunct Clause

Hey there, Doubters! As I promised in the last edition of On the Market, here is a sample adjunct clause that can be inserted into any syllabus for courses taught by temporary faculty. Please keep in mind that since situations differ from school to school–and even from department to department–the following …

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On the Market VI: Excellence in Teaching and Student Evaluations

This year’s academic job application season is drawing to a close, and, as ever, I find the compilation of the last few packets to be tinged with the kind of grim urgency that accompanies the knowledge that all of the searches I applied to earlier in the year have already …

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Our Cultural Obsession with College is Misguided and Dangerous

[Content note: youth suicide, mental illness]     One chilly morning in my Junior year of high school, a boy who sat a few desks behind me in my AP Calculus class came into school early, parked his car in the student lot, set up a video camera, recorded himself …

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On the Market V: Diversity Statements

One of the (least) fun things about the academic job market is that every application asks for a different constellation of documents. This is especially onerous when putting together your first few applications, which can take several hours of (unpaid) labour to piece together. As time goes on, though, you …

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For Slow Scholarship: A Feminist Politics of Resistance through Collective Action in the Neoliberal University

This article, jointly authored by a number of geographers in the US and Canada, is worth reading in full. As for the importance of slow scholarship, let me turn for a moment to my own experience: During my time as a graduate student, I was fortunate enough to  present at over …

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On the Market IV: Paying for the Privilege

There are lots of articles out there about the hardships endured by early-career scholars, particularly those trapped in the precarious employment of the adjunct system. A shiny new PhD all too often amounts to little more than a ticket to several years of un(der)-employment, migrant work on the VAP* and …

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On the Market III: BYU doesn’t deserve my application (or yours).

The conventional wisdom when it comes to the academic job hunt is to apply for every open position, no matter what it is or where it is located. After all, the reasoning goes, beggars can’t afford to be choosers, and you never know what kind of places might actually be a …


Learning with Spaced Repetition

Hey there, Doubters! It’s been a while, I know. Where have I been, you ask? Just languishing in post-doctoral unemployment and general malaise, enjoying my time off, doing some travelling, and doing unpaid labour to prove my dedication to a perverse system happily working on some research and post-doc applications. But enough …

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Are English-only PhDs in the Sciences a Problem?

Following the general rule of headlines-posed-as-questions, you can probably guess my answer already: probably not. That said, this recent cri du cœur (ha!) in Vitae deserves a bit more attention than just one sentence, so I’d like to flesh out that ‘probably not’ with a more thorough look at the principal questions raised …

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Holy Smokes, SoD turned two!

Our beloved alma mater turned a positively venerable two years old this week, so I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all our writers–past and present–for their hard work in getting us this far. Thanks also to you, our lovely and dedicated readers, for showing up to class and listening …