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The Atheist Academic: I Defile my Question Virginity!

I’d like to start this week’s column with a question from a loyal reader. (I suppose I can’t actually call someone a “loyal” reader when this is column #3, but it makes me feel better.) Anyway, Belinda from Oklahoma asks, “What are some ways of handling separation of church and …

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The Atheist Academic: In which I am thrown into professional development hell.

You’d think I would know better, but I signed up for a two-day professional development in my school district. It was over religion in our schools. I guess my thinking was that I would get some information about different religious groups that make up the population of our school district, …

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Sensational: It’s the Secular Student Alliance!

You see them as you walk down the halls at any high school in America – fliers for Christian groups abound. “Come to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes!” “Join the Before-School Prayer Group!” It’s enough to make a secular teacher feel a little bit ill. If we look at the …

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The Atheist Academic I

Hello, all my lovely little readers! Welcome to The Atheist Academic, a weekly column in which I give you MY view of what’s going on in the world of education. I’ll also address any questions that you’d like to send my way. Hopefully, you will all vehemently agree or disagree …

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RR: 21 May 2013

What’s up, buttercups? This is my first time doing a RR post. Do you remember your first time? I’m a little nervous, and I’m not sure if I’m ready. I think I am. I’ve been reading all by myself for a few years, and I think I’m ready to read …


Separation of Church and State? Not on MY watch!

Earlier this week, a state judge in Texas, ruled that cheerleaders at public high school football games could make and carry banners with Christian religious verses on them. These banners would be held for football players to run through at the start of the game. Judge Stephen Thomas, in his …

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Lesson Plans: Creative Writing and the Egg on my Board

I know people scoff at me when I tell them I teach Creative Writing. To be honest, a part of me probably scoffs at me, too. I’m always anxious to throw in, “Oh, but I teach other classes as well – English 9, and electives.” In some way, I think …

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Saul and the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Once, I had a freshman in one of my English classes. The kid was big, and kind of awkward, with dark curly hair and glasses. Socially, the other kids tolerated him, but he wasn’t popular or anything. He would yell out comments on a daily basis and would often ramble …

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“Shut up and Let the Christians have their moment!”

There are many things that we, as teachers, have working against us. There are antiquated systems and people who don’t give us respect. There are state standards and angry parents and students who just don’t care. But, just to make our job even more complicated, there are also legislators who …

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Puppies Fix Everything: A Tale of Creative Writing

I was given the best class ever this semester. It’s Creative Writing, and the class is full of sophomores, juniors and seniors. They’re all girls, and they’re all NICE. Seriously nice. Twenty-five of the brand of high school girls who giggle and blush and give each other compliments and make …