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Pop Quiz: Can you still enjoy museums?

So I think I am ruined for science museums forever. And this is terrible! I loved science centers and museums when I was a kid. I still do, really, for the most part. I thought becoming a scientist would ruin the experience for me, but it never did. First of …

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Pop Quiz: Did you bring enough for the whole class?

So if the Pop Quiz is late again that’s because it’s my BIIIIIIRTHDAY! I even got a cake! In a meeting! Having a summer birthday, I never really got to celebrate my loops around the Sun in the classroom. The thing to do back then was for the parent of …

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Pop Quiz: Measuring our Impact

It’s more of a “pop quiz” when you don’t see it coming, right? Surprise! I’m a bit late having come in from a conference all about astronomy education, so I’m sure you don’t mind. There were many good discussions at the meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific in …

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Pop Quiz: 3-D Printers in Schools

There has been more than a bit of buzz around 3-D printing in the last few years. This technology promises to revolutionize manufacturing on small scales, in the way 2-D printing made it easier to run ones own business from home. It also has promise for educators and students, especially …

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Pop Quiz: Learning by Failing

I spent an amazing weekend at CONvergence in Minneapolis where I got to be a part of Skepchickcon. The Skepchick network was out in force with several panels relating to science and skepticism as well as  a kick-ass party room. We had lots of discussion about education in the science …

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Pop Quiz: Games We Play

Games are fun, but can they also be educational? This past weekend, I worked with an amazing group of people to design two science-themed games with the aim of making something that was fun, scientifically accurate (or at least not too terribly inaccurate) and educational. These were NOT easy goals …

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Pop Quiz: Do you Love Education But Hate School?

On my Google+ feed the other day, this video came up that grabbed my attention. It’s a spoken word poem by a young man in the UK called “I Will Not Let an Exam Result Decide My Fate.” After being moved by it, I followed it back to his first …

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Pop Quiz: Science and Special Learning Needs

This week, I’m engaged in a professional development workshop using the citizen science project Moon Mappers. I’ve been fortunate to work with two powerhouse teachers, now (mostly) retired, that developed much of the middle school lesson plan that ties Earth and lunar geology. Their combines classroom experience spans several decades …

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Pop Quiz: Wifi in the College Classroom

I’m late for today’s Pop Quiz. Maybe I was too busy surfing the web? I’ve seen the topic of wifi in the college classroom come up in faculty circles with a bit of controversy lately. Not that long ago, I was in college, and ubiquitous wifi was just around the …

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Pop Quiz: Am I “normal”?

Yesterday, we were taking a break around the office and discussing the latest Star Trek movie. (NO spoilers, promise.) I did bring up my incredulity that J.J. Abrams would go to town on the lens flares with as much gusto after everyone had mocked that aspect about the last movie. …