College freshman meme: Emails Prof / "Dear Miss"
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Pop Quiz: Email propriety part eleventy one

Like most teachers and professors, I have received many an email from a student that employs a less than professional tone.  (Let’s be real here, I’ve gotten emails that are train wrecks of bad spelling, grammar, use of text speak, incomprehensible content, etc., occasionally all at once…) I also have …

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Pop Quiz: Liberty and Justice for All

Yesterday Librarienne posted a link in the Tuesday Required Readings about the American Humanist Association launching a campaign to encourage people to sit out the Pledge of Allegiance until the phrase “under God” is removed.  This is a purely academic issue for the vast majority of American citizens.  Beyond school …

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The Great Didactic: All the young of both sexes should be sent to school

Chapter 9 – All the young of both sexes should be sent to school I was going to clean up my language when I published this post.  I wrote the original a week ago and then set it aside.  During that time my anger subsided and I really was going …

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The Great Didactic: Who’s Fault is it? Teachers Fault (kind of)

Chapter 5: The seeds of these three (learning, virtue, and piety) are naturally implanted in us. Recently I was thinking about the foundation of our education system and its philosophical underpinnings.  As I was doing this it dawned on me that I have only ever really read about this philosophy …

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I’ve Got Your “Intellectual Snobbery” Right Here

I generally love The Atlantic, but they really shit the bed with me today with this nonsense about “conspicuous atheism.” The problem is, the “culture war” is a false construct created by politicians and public intellectuals, left and right. The state of faith in the world is much grayer, much …