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What About the Beethovenz?

I love going to conferences. It’s probably my favourite part of being an academic because it’s one of those very few opportunities you get to be surrounded by people who are not only excited about your discipline, but who are truly in a position to be excited about your scholarship. …

Scottish Flag

Scottish Independence Part 4: Why I Will Vote YES

I will vote Yes in this week’s Scottish independence referendum.   I remember the first time I ever got really excited by politics. It was 1997 and Tony Blair’s labour party had just swept aside a Conservative government that had ruled the UK for 18 consecutive years. I was 16 …


SkepchickCon Is (Nearly) Here!

Hi everyone! The wonderful SkepchickCon is happening July 3-6 as part of CONvergence and there’s still time for you to get involved! You can find out about the event itself and get your tickets at You can find out about some of the incredible Space Lab events that are …

Photo of Dr Pamela Gay at the USA Science and Engineering Festival
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Tenure and the Culture of Silence

Pamela Gay, currently an Assistant Research Professor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, published a blog post this morning about how she regrets not publicly confronting a famous person who harassed her at a science fiction convention. There is bound to be a lot of discussion of this incident in the …


Introducing Skeptability!

Skepchick has a new sister site! Our newest addition, Skeptability, is devoted to the discussion of disability-related issues in science, skepticism and beyond. Sarah and her team will be kicking the site off with a variety of fantastic articles over the next few days and they would love to read …

tap with label fear
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Common Core is going to EAT CHRISTIAN CHILDREN

I never heard of Sandy Rios, of the American Family Association, but you can bet I will be hanging on her every word from now on because she is clearly AWESOME. Check out her measured, thoughtful assessment of Common Core State Standards as she discusses their implications with a gentleman …

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Creationists in Astronomy Class are Not Fun!

Every semester as part of the general astronomy class I teach it is required that we do a few lectures on the history of astronomy. It is intended that we start all the way back into ancient astronomy and talk about how the people of the time viewed their Earth …

House on fire


Teaching is all about perspective. January 23rd, 2014 changed mine. Thursday January 23rd was truly a perfect storm day for me. It started when I arrived at school and I realized that, as I was about to get out of my car, the thing that I needed to bring for …

Russell Johnson as The Professor
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Education as Collateral Damage in the War against Experts

My main reason for posting on this topic is to make sure everyone in the world sees Tom Nichols’s post at The Federalist titled “The Death of Expertise.” Click over and read it–it’s not a tl;dr piece–because I think the topic indicates one of the most important cultural conversations we’re …

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Skeptical Approaches to Student Evaluations of Faculty

The college where I dispense wisdom is very small, with fewer than 1000 students. We are a weird little school in a weird, isolated little town, surrounded by much bigger players who suck up most of the (decimated) higher ed budget and leave us with the scraps. Thus, we have …