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Canada’s Residential Schools: Abuse, Disease, Colonialism, and… ESP Tests

December 15th, 2016 marks the first anniversary of the release of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission report. The Canadian TRC was about Canada’s residential school system for indigenous children. The schools were mandated by the federal government but were run by churches and were sites of awful abuses. The secular …


Here’s Where Trump and Clinton Stand on K-12 Issues

It’s finally election day in the US, after what seems like about sixty years of campaigning. In case you haven’t made your decision yet–and really, it’s probably about time–eSchoolNews writer Stephen Noonoo has compiled a list of the candidates’ positions on a number of K-12 issues from their official platforms …


Don’t Promote “Just Vote”

(Note: To be clear, by “just vote” I am not referring to any organization bearing that name or motto, I am referring only to the phrase in common parlance.) Continuing with my “don’t” theme, it is once again that time where I start hearing the same piece of rhetoric repeated …

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Thesis and Evidence – teaching the 2016 election without bias and with the Common Core

There is no one more intent on making America great than a U.S. history teacher. Calculus teachers might struggle to make their material relevant, but history teachers do not. Students still complain, asking “What’s the point of learning this?” But, unlike higher math teachers, we have an answer. Because one …


Students Do Not Need Campus Political Parties to Be Politically Active

This fall, as thousands of new students pile into colleges and universities, they will explore the many clubs and student societies on offer. Many of them will join the youth or student wings of mainstream political parties, which will be especially prominent given the upcoming election in the United States. …

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FOIA Abuse Could Become a Serious Problem for Academics

Academics take heed: if you are employed by a public university, the contents of your email account are subject to the Freedom of Information Act. This means activists, critics, or any member of the public with an axe to grind can request copies for a nominal administrative fee and quote-mine …

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Why the Opt-Out Movement is Growing in New York

Last week, tens of thousands of children sat out the New York State Common Core English Language arts exams as their parents’ frustrations pushed them to finally boycott the test. In some districts, over 50% of students sat out the test with over 175,000 children opting out in grades 3-8. …

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Lessons for Veteran’s Day and Beyond

November 11th is Veteran’s Day in the United States; it is a day where we honor all veterans living or dead.  To observe this day I thought I’d share a nice resource that has made its way across my desk.  It is the Medal of Honor: Lessons of Personal Bravery …

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Campus security

So the news has been full of Ebola and guns on campus.  I was asked last week in a meeting of some top level administrators if students has been talking about the Ebola outbreak.  (The gun article refers to the Anita Sarkeesian threats in Utah, and may not have crossed …

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Scottish Independence Part 4: Why I Will Vote YES

I will vote Yes in this week’s Scottish independence referendum.   I remember the first time I ever got really excited by politics. It was 1997 and Tony Blair’s labour party had just swept aside a Conservative government that had ruled the UK for 18 consecutive years. I was 16 …